While digging for the foundation of a house in Joldići, the hamlet of Kruševica near Raška, in 1985, the locals came across a prince’s tomb from the Old Iron Age, which dates from the period 480-460. B.C. The find, whose history is very complicated, was finally handed over to the National Museum in Kraljevo in 2006 for permanent storage. Two massive silver bracelets form part of the jewelry with which the deceased from the tribal aristocracy was buried. They are shaped so that the wide rings, decorated with granulation, end with crossed ends in the form of snake heads, on which the details of the eyes and scales are made by the engraving technique. They are made of high purity silver and probably originated from a local, Balkan workshop under Greek influence from the geometric and archaic period. Bracelets also testify to the taste, fashion, but above all the economic strength of the society of the Old Iron Age in the hinterland of ancient Greece.

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