During the research of the ancient necropolis Lanište in the village of Korlać in Raška, which was conducted by the National Museum in Kraljevo in 2002, the grave of a girl aged 8-9 was found, extremely rich in jewelry. The most valuable among them is a necklace consisting of 14 gold-plated pearls filled with black paste and a rectangular medallion. It is formed from a cassette made of gold sheet in which a processed green stone from a group of corundum is inserted. The necklace was made in local workshops, but its presence in the grave of a prematurely deceased girl, in late antiquity, in the vicinity of Raška, raises questions. They concern the social stratification of the population, which was engaged in mining and metallurgy, then the tastes and fashions of that time, and the intimate moment of the loss of a child, as well as the belief in the afterlife in the twilight of paganism.

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