The necklace made of gold and silver pearls is a part of jewelry from the prince’s tomb, found in Kruševica near Raška, in 1985, during earthworks around the house in the hamlet of Joldići. This extremely luxurious piece of jewelry consists of 9 pearls, with the three largest, made of gilded silver, in the center of the necklace. They are made by casting technique and consist of 8 lobes separated by filigree wire. The central pearl, additionally on each side, has one simple, golden pearl. The necklace includes two more silver beads decorated with granules and at the end two silver simple beads. The necklace is formed by connecting all the beads with eight pieces of silver salteleon – silver wires spirally twisted into a cylindrical shape, while in the middle of each cylinder, a decoration in the shape of a meander is made with the same wire. The necklace as a whole, captivates with its elegance and aesthetics, which has its origins in the Greek art of the geometric and archaic period.

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