The medieval cemetery surrounding Stara Pavlica, a Byzantine church from the 11th century, was in use throughout this period. The site was researched by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo in 1971. On that occasion, a female grave from the 14th century was discovered, in which luxurious silver earrings were found, together with traces of fabric in the form of gold and silver threads, which belonged to the decorative ribbon on which the earrings were worn. On that occasion, 33 decorative plates made of gilded sheet metal were also discovered, which may have been part of the decoration for the headboard of the same person. The earrings are lunar, richly decorated, in the filigree technique, and very well illustrate the taste of the nobles in the developed Middle Ages. In this case, we know that it is about the aristocratic environment related to the medieval town of Brvenik, which was ruled by the Music family during the 14th century.

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