On the obverse is a representation of the personification of Science floating in the air. On her head is a star, covered with a fluttering veil, holding a burning torch of knowledge in her right hand, and a shield with the coat of arms of the Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slovenia in her left. At the bottom, on the left and right, is the signature: M. & W. (M.A.W.) – K.B. The inscription DOCTRINAE LVMEN GENTIVM VIGOR runs in a circle. On the reverse in an open wreath of oak leaves runs a longer inscription in thirteen lines: REGNANTE / FRANCISCO JOSEPHO I. / BANATVM TENENTE / JOANNE MAŽVRANIĆ / VNIVERSITAS LITTERARVM CROATICA / AVCTORE / EPPO J ∙ G ∙ STROSSMAYER / POPVLI OPIBVS CONDITA / A REGIS NOMINE APPELLITA / SOLEN / A. SOL. KAL. NOV. / MDCCCLXXIV The management of the University of Zagreb commissioned the production of a memorial medal from the famous German engraving company Wilhelm Mayer and Franz Wilhelm Medaillen-Plaketten und Münzprägeanstol M. & W. in Stuttgart. The molds were carved in Stuttgart, and the medal was minted in Kremnica (Kremnitz, Körmöcz Banya, mintmark: K.V.). The medals were minted in gold, silver and bronze and began to be distributed on October 20, 1874. Of the five specimens minted in gold, one was donated to Emperor Francis Joseph and stored in the Numismatic Cabinet of the Vienna History and Art Museum. Gold medals were awarded to: Ban Ivan Mažuranić (today in the Numismatic Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb), Bishop Josip Juraj Štrosmajer, Rector Matija Mesić (today in the Rectorate of the University of Zagreb, where there are also silver and bronze medals).

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