The flag belonged to the Singing Church Society and was made of two joined pieces of dark red cotton brocade with floral ornaments. It is bordered on three sides with yellow silver fringes with a tassel at the end. On one side, an icon of three holy martyrs, Mina, Victor and Vicentius, is painted in the oval, and around the oval is the inscription: “Jovan P. Sarić, merchant from Kraljevo, godfather and contributor… “. On the other side, in the oval, there is an icon of the Holy Archdeacon Stephen, and around the oval there is a continuation of the inscription: “… these flags. The first royal choir. Aug 2. 1890. “

The flag, which was presented to the First Royal Singing Company by the merchant Jovan P. Sarić, as a godfather and contributor since 1890 sent the people of Kraljevo to war and welcomed them in peace. The road led this precious artifact to Vienna, where it was taken as a war trophy by Austro-Hungarian troops in 1915, to be returned in 1920. It was last carried through the streets of Kraljevo in anti-pact demonstrations on March 27, 1941.

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