Blagoje Kastratović’s message was sent from Lager to his wife Dara on Sunday, October 18, 1941. On a piece of paper torn from a small block, Blagoje wrote: “Dear Dara, go to Theokaris, our priest – teacher in Cara Dušana Street no. 52, and let him immediately ask the Command for an announcement for me. If I had it (the latest from the 15th of this one), it would have been different. Go to Božo from Uroševac, Perović, Dr. Đorđević and godfather and work for us immediately. Take care of the children. Be brave. Regards Blagoje.”

Blagoje Kastratović, born in 1904 in Uroševac, was a professor at the Gymnasium in Kraljevo. Since the shooting had been going on for three days, he tried to save himself through the announcement of the Commandant’s Office, which his wife still failed to obtain. He was shot on the last day of revenge, October 20, 1941.

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