Private photo of young Zora Stefanović, from a trading family from Kraljevo, a fourth-grade student, taken around 1905. The photograph on cardboard (16.3 cm x 10.7 cm) was created in the Photographic Studio of Franz Padovay in Čačak and is equipped with a frame with motifs of roses and other flowers. Zora, ceremoniously dressed in a hat and gloves, holding a handkerchief in her left hand, standing in the scenography with a table, on which she is leaning with her right hand. There is a book on the table, a vase with flowers and a bird, while to the left of Zora is a chair. Franz Padovay was a traveling photographer who also worked in Kraljevo at the end of the 19th century. He married a woman from Čačak and from 1890 he had his own photo studio there.

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