The first of the three preserved postcards relating to the anointing of King Peter I Karađorđević in Žiča records the moment of reading the Gospel. King Peter was crowned in the Cathedral Church in Belgrade on September 21, 1904, while on October 5, with Princes George and Alexander and his retinue, he headed through Kragujevac and Guberevci and arrived in Kraljevo, which was specially decorated for the occasion. From Kraljevo he went to visit the Studenica Monastery, and upon his return he received various deputations in Kraljevo. Only the anointing of King Peter I was performed in Žiča by Metropolitan Inokentije on October 19, 1904. On the postcard we see the king clad in a cloak standing on the pulpit, while the officers stand on either side holding the other royal insignia: a crown on the right and a scepter and a ball on the left.

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