The guild for the city of Kraljevo and the Žiče County issued a letter to Dragiša Mitrović for the tinsmith’s trade, as proof that he was recognized as a craft assistant. The letter was issued on May 8, 1924, with the seal of the Craft District Guild of Kraljevo and the signature of President Aleksa Matić. The journeyman’s letter is printed in color with a central field on which the data on the candidate and the trade are entered and on which the figure of the blacksmith and his assistant is shown, holding a gear in one hand and books and rulers in the other. On the ground around them are symbols of many other crafts, and there is a factory in the background. In the corners of the field, on each side, there are symbols of three crafts in bay leaves with berries. Around the central field, the frame is decorated with weaves in which there are symbols of 14 more crafts. At the top is the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in laurel leaves, and opposite it at the bottom, a place for the guild seal.

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