The armed attacks of the insurgents on the German garrison in Kraljevo, in which 14 German soldiers were killed and 10 wounded, were the immediate reason for the literal implementation of German orders and warnings. By a placarded order, the German Command of the place introduced the “State of Emergency with the Supreme Court” in Kraljevo on October 15. The poster highlights the criteria and draconian mass retaliation in the amount of one hundred civilian lives for one killed German soldier and fifty for the wounded.

On the same day, in front of machine guns of soldiers of the 749th and 737th Infantry Regiments of the 717th Wehrmacht Crew Division, in groups of 100, hostages detained during October were taken from the locomotive hall: workers, clerks and apprentices from Kraljevo factories, railway workers employed in the Municipality. District administration, Post and Telegraph Service, District and Church Court, educators and school supervisors, students of the Field School and Gymnasium; members of the Gendarmerie and Fire Brigade, along with other citizens in a raid picked up from houses, streets and the city hospital – on suspicion of being wounded in insurgent positions… The last day of mass revenge against the civilian population of Kraljevo, at the execution site in Lager was October 20, 1941.

Research by historians at the National Museum in Kraljevo has so far determined the names of 2,196 hostages shot in the camp. The largest number of executed hostages was in the most fruitful age and working age, between the ages of 25 and 55, but among the victims were also persons younger than 18.

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