The celebration of the regimental patron saint, St. Archangel Michael, in 1910, takes place in front of the barracks of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. On the right is a group of officers and soldiers, and on the left are distinguished guests from the city, ladies and gentlemen. In the center of the composition is a priest in front of a table with a cake, a candle and a lit censer. The postcard is painted, and at the lower end is the inscription „Пуковска слава 8. XI 1910. Краљево“. The postcard was published by the photographer and publisher from Kraljevo, Avram Ćirić Erdoglija. It is especially significant that it documents the appearance of the barracks building, which was located on today’s Serbian Army Square, where not a single element of the old urban core of Kraljevo has been preserved.

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