The painting “Gelded Warrior” belongs to Reljić’s phase of warrior figures, when the war became his painting theme, a testimony to the adventurous arrangement of the scenes. Parade portraits, allegorical scenes, emphasis on details, become the “arsenal” of Reljić’s paintings. Occupation with these themes, where warrior attitudes, almost notions from antiquity fail in a clear or partial metaphor of skeletons and /or deformities is found in family history. The associative starting point for the figures of militant costume design is the figure of the father, an officer of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, who died in 1942. Radomir Reljić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1961 in the class of Professor Zoran Petrović. He also completed specialist studies in 1963 in the class of professors Zora Petrović and Milo Milunović. He started his teaching career at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1972 and ended as a full professor and a member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He died in Belgrade on November 6, 2006.

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