Painter Babet Bahmajer, ie. Beta Vukanović was born in Bamberg (Bavaria) in 1872. She began her art education in Munich, in the studio of the painter Anton Ažbe, and continued in Paris in 1897. By marrying Risto Vukanović, she came to Belgrade in 1898. She stood equally with the first generation of Serbian painters who introduced Impressionism, although she remained faithful to the landscape, still life and human character. With her husband Risto, she ran the Art School, where she worked as a professor until 1936. She is the founder of the Association of Serbian Artists “Lada” (1904) and one of the founders of the Association of Fine Artists in Belgrade (1919). She died in Belgrade in 1972, at the age of one hundred and one. Beta Vukanović’s painting began with the acceptance of tendencies from the end of the 19th century, expressed through freer drawing, lighting the palette and going out into nature. Her earliest paintings bear all the features of Munich plein air, in order to reach a freer, impressionistic understanding before the First World War. In her oeuvre, she nurtures landscapes, still lifes, portraits and nudes. A special place in her work is occupied by caricature, whose originator is in Serbia. Her personality, art, pedagogical work and occupy a special place in the Serbian art history. Although she did not become one of the leading personalities of the epoch, as Pavle Vasić pointed out, “with her role, with the memory of her, our artistic heritage is enriched with beautiful, great and lasting”.

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