At the beginning of the Second World War and during difficult and dramatic moments, Mihailo Petrov mostly made portraits of close friends, as well as self-portraits. Along with a series of precious portraits from this period, pre-war and war, this one stands out, which was donated to our museum by his wife Dobrila Dinić Petrov. The artist is shown with a mustache, in a blue shirt, with a hat on his head, a penetrating look, without painting attributes. He often portrayed himself with a hat, which, according to many, is a symbol of social category and “style” of life. Mihajlo Petrov was a Serbian graphic artist, painter, illustrator, poet, critic and professor. In addition, he was engaged in book equipment, typography and poster production. He studied painting at the Art School in Belgrade. He studied in Vienna (1922), Krakow (1923) and Paris (1924-1925). He is one of the most active associates of “Zenith” in its first phase. He died in Belgrade in 1983.

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