Ivan Radović’s painting, entitled “Man Leading Horses”, is an exceptional work of art with a recognizable theme and atmosphere of the village of Vojvodina. One of the main themes of this Serbian modernist is the village of Vojvodina, his hometown, with a warm and recognizable atmosphere and scenes from everyday life. The scenes are done in the manner of intimacy and reveal the painter’s preoccupation with small human lives and everyday rituals. The author went through several phases in his work: cuboconstructivism, neoclassicism, abstraction, intimacy, poetic realism, but according to many theorists, his expressionist phase is the most fruitful. Ivan Radović was born in Vršac in 1894. He studied painting in Budapest at the Academy of Arts. An interesting fact is that he was the champion of Yugoslavia in tennis in 1929 and after that he played in the Davis Cup in 1930 as a member of the Yugoslav national team. In his many years of fruitful work, he had a large number of exhibitions in the country and abroad. He died in Belgrade in 1973.

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