Perica Donkov was born in 1956 in Mazgosh (Dimitrovgrad). He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1981. He received his master’s degree in painting from the same faculty in 1984, in the class of Professor Radenko Mišević. As one of the most important representatives of neo-informals, he exhibited at all major art events during the eighties and nineties. As a new element in the works of Perica Donkova of this period, sound is imposed. Music is present on several different levels. In the cycle, it exists at the level of the title – “Fugue”, but also as a kind of pretext for visual material. The basic meaning of the Latin word fugue is escape, which is almost lost in today’s consciousness under the power of the derived concept which in music means the composition of the richest counterpoint.

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