Bratsa Bonifacho was born in 1937 in Belgrade, where he graduated in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts (1964) and architecture at the Faculty of Architecture (1967). He continued his training at the Kruger Atelier in Frankfurt (Germany), dealing with the painting techniques of old masters (1966–1968). As a young artist, he belonged to the Belgrade Art Circle, but in 1973 he went to Canada, to Vancouver, where he lives and works to this day. Bonifacho donated 24 works to the National Museum Kraljevo, a unique and valuable collection, which made our institution a group of several Serbian museums and galleries where his works are kept: the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, the National Museum in Belgrade and the Matica Srpska Gallery in Novi Sad. Bonifacho is an artist of abstract, symbolic and expressive painting. In his numerous cycles, and especially in the paintings donated to the Art Collection, the artist uses symbols, letters, numbers and words from different languages ​​(Hebrew, Serbian, English, Latin, Russian…). He is preoccupied with languages, cultures, a kind of artistic linguistics, which is directed towards the global aspect of reality and the broad context of history, geography, and politics.

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