The sculpture “Form” represents doubled, joined shapes, strong inner energies. The round cracked form strives for vitality and primordial strength, pulsation and spasm of vital tissue. In the organic world, it depicts the symbolism of a full and undisturbed life. All sculptures and reliefs by Olga Jančić have grown into archetypal symbols, because for this sculptor, the strength and wonder of life, its birth, end and constant renewal represent a constant challenge and inspiration. She transforms her ideas, emotions and themes into concise, reduced, visually pure forms. There are two materials in which she created: stone (sometimes marble) and bronze. These materials gave additional strength and persuasiveness to the forms, the internal laws of her work. Many colleagues and connoisseurs of her work pointed out that Olga Jančić strives to shape the man, the one who is important in him, who is connected to the country by her survival and her commitment. Her name occupies a dominant place in the anthology of Yugoslav and Serbian art of the second half of the 20th century. Olga Jančić was born in 1929 in Bitola and at the age of 16 she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sculpture, in the classes of Lojza Dolinar and Tomo Rosandić. Since 1959, he has been exhibiting independently and is one of the founders of the group “Space 8”. The famous Herbert Reed included her in 1964 in his book “History of Modern Sculpture”. She passed away in 2012, at the age of 83.

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