Milena made this painting in 1926, before leaving for Munich for the Academy, where she stayed for only two years, in 1927 and 1928. She prepared for the Academy at the famous private school Bloherer, where she received praise, and her work is one of those with which applied for enrollment. During the entrance exam, Franz von Stuck marked her works with circles, not knowing whose they were, as mature for the Academy. But since his class was full, she recommended her to Haberman, who later wrote on her testimony: “Pay special attention to this talent.” The painting “Milena with her mother”, which can be seen at the exhibition “Milena Pavlović Barilli – Life and Dreams”, is based on a photograph from 1914, which shows Danica Pavlović with five-year-old Milena. Although unfinished, the painting captivates with the warmth of a firm embrace and the protective attitude of the mother towards her daughter, which will last throughout Milena’s life.

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