МMilivoje Crvčanin (1892 – 1978) was a composer, professor, diplomat and protohiereus-staurophore. After his success in Czechoslovakia, where he recorded several records between the two world wars, in the second half of the 20th century he continued to compose works for symphony, stage, chamber, choir and orchestra music, which were performed throughout Yugoslavia and in Czechoslovakia, England, America, Belgium and Switzerland. He composed works for symphony, stage, chamber, choir, and orchestra music. Recognizing the very high artistic standards in Milivoj Crvčanin’s music, Andre Duile, organist and music critic, wrote in 1958 that Crvčanin’s “Divine Liturgy” was a great revelation for him and that he “did not know what to admire most in it”. At the Children’s Song Festival in Zagreb in 1964, his composition for children’s choir won first prize. He recorded numerous of his works for Radio Belgrade. His gramophone record of spiritual music, posthumously published in 1987 in the production of Radio-Television Belgrade, is kept in the National Museum Kraljevo.

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