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According to the classification of museum objects, the National Museum in Kraljevo belongs to museums of complex type and contains 6 collections: for natural history, archeology, numismatics, ethnology, history and art around which departments of the same name were formed, as well as departments for conservation, documentation, pedagogical and propaganda work and professional library. According to the territorial classification, the regional museum is responsible for three municipalities: Kraljevo, Raška and Vrnjačka Banja.

Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition includes the complete first floor of the museum building with four halls and corridors along both wings of the building. The Permanent Exhibition of the National Museum Kraljevo, which provides an insight into the past and heritage of Kraljevo, Raška, Vrnjačka Banja and their surroundings, seen through archeology, history, numismatics, ethnology and art, was opened to the public for the first time May 16, 2008.


Working hours

tuesday-friday 08:00-20:00
saturday-sunday 09:00-13:00


50 RSD for children
100 RSD for adults


Trg Svetog Save 2, Kraljevo

Name Day of the City of Kraljevo

Name Day of the City of Kraljevo

Today we mark 139 years of the name of the city of Kraljevo. After being proclaimed king, on March 6, 1882, Milan Obrenović undertook a tour of Serbia, during which he came to Karanovac. On that occasion, he granted the request of the citizens of Karanovo and on April 19, approved the change of the name of the city to Kraljevo by decree.

80 Years Since the April War

80 Years Since the April War

This year we are marking the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War, which began on the territory of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the so-called April war, from April 6th, 1941, when the German air force bombed Belgrade, to April 17th, when the capitulation of Yugoslavia was signed.

Call for Submission of Papers for the Magazine “Our Past” 20

Call for Submission of Papers for the Magazine “Our Past” 20

The National Museum Kraljevo and the Historical Archive Kraljevo, which publish the collection of papers “Our Past”, are inviting you to contribute to the printing of issue number 20 with your work. The deadline for submission of papers is the beginning of June 2021.


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Archaeological Collection

Numismatic Collection

Historical Collection

Ethnological Collection

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