The National Museum Kraljevo is a regional museum in charge of the territory of Kraljevo, Raška and Vrnjačka Banja. It belongs to the museums of complex type and takes care of six collections: natural history, archaeological, numismatic, historical, ethnological and art collections, with their accompanying groups of the same name. In addition, the Museum also has its groups for conservation, documentation, public relations and pedagogic work, professional library and the Department of General Affairs.

The National Museum in Kraljevo has grown into a significant institution in the field of protection, care and presentation of rich heritage kept in its collections. With its 27 employees as well as with its spatial and technological needs satisfied, it is a modern and dynamic institution, which actively participates in the cultural life of Kraljevo and Serbia and represents them to best advantage. Two generations of curators and a lot of associates have been committed to its development so that it is now in the seventh decade of its existence. Ever since its beginning with the teacher Milorad S. Jović, its founder and first director, up to the new museum building and permanent exhibition, plenty of love, care and unselfish effort have been dedicated to our museum. In its decades-long operation, numerous traps from the period of ideological predominance, agreed-upon history or organised oblivion of the past were avoided, which has enabled it to safeguard important cultural and historical heritage, from deep prehistory to the modern period, which is actively promoted through big exhibition projects. Together with our public, we build a specific cultural space where beauty, knowledge, skill, imagination, art, belief, honour, courage, perishing, sacrificing, patriotism, goodness, sadness, joy, memories, remembrance, love, generosity, benefaction, nobility and wisdom meet. Everything we inherit from our past, as a specific measure of value, which is kept through the mission of the museum.

It successfully cooperates with many reputable institutions: in addition to a number of museums, home and local, cooperates with the Balkan Institute of SASA and Archaeological Institute in Belgrade, Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Library of Serbia and National Library “Stefan Prvovenčani” in Kraljevo, departments of art history, archeology and history of the Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade and the Center for Museology and Heritology of the same faculty, as well as the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia and Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo, the Central Institute for Conservation, the Serbian Museum Society, the National Committee of ICOM Serbia and the Serbian Archaeological Society.

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