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Mirjana Savić


Museum Advisor



Mirjana Savić (1974) graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Priština with a bachelor’s degree in history (2002). She was employed as a librarian at the National Museum Kraljevo (2002), where she worked until 2018, when she transferred to the Group for History, i.e. position of the curator of recent history. At the National Museum Kraljevo, she earned the titles Curator (2003), Senior Curator (2011) and Museum Advisor (2019). In addition, she passed the professional exam in library and information science activities and earned the title Librarian (2010). As a librarian and historian, she was entrusted with the Collection of Old and Rare Books, within the Historical Collection. She is the author of several exhibitions and a participant in co-author exhibition projects of the National Museum Kraljevo. She has participated in scientific conferences, held a number of lectures, organised book promotions and participated in them. As a historian, she has dealt with the topics of schools and education as well as a wider social and economic history, and, as an associate of Matica Srpska, she has worked on the elaboration of the Serbian Biographical Dictionary and biographies of eminent persons from Kraljevo and Karanovac. She has organised a number of workshops for children from primary and secondary schools. She has won a series of recognitions. She is a member of professional associations.


Authored Exhibitions

2019-2020 – Under the Raised Curtain – 70 Years of Artistic Work of the Theater in Kraljevo, Kraljevo Theater, National Museum Kraljevo.

2018 – Thanks to the Bees – History of Beekeeping in the Kraljevo Area, National Museum Kraljevo.

Tour of the exhibition – 2018: Center for Culture and Arts Aleksinac; 2019: Museum of the Rudnik-Takovo Region, Gornji Milanovac; National Museum Niš, Synagogue Gallery; Vrnjačka Banja Cultural Center.

2015 – Kraljevčanke za nezaborav, Council for Gender Equality of the Municipality of Kraljevo, Ceremonial Hall of the City Administration of the City of Kraljevo.

2015 – Nušić between Kruševac and Kraljevo, National Museum Kruševac, Simić House. Co-authored exhibition projects.

Co-authored Еxhibitions

2021 – Transfiguration – 30 Years of the Žiča Spiritual Assembly, National Museum Kraljevo; authors of the exhibition: Ana Gvozdenović, Mirjana Savić.

2021 – Come and Play! Toys and Board Games in Socialist Yugoslavia from the Collection of Vladimir Radojičić and from the Collections of the National Museum in Kraljevo; National Museum Kraljevo; authors of the exhibition: Mirjana Savić, Nemanja Trifunović, Sofija Pršić.

2016 – Permanent Exhibition in the Legacy of Olivera Radojković Čolović, National Museum Kraljevo, Legacy of Olivera Radojković Čolović, authors: Dragan Drašković, Suzana Novčić, Mirjana Savić, Violeta Cvetanoska, Tijana Šibalić.

2014 – Nušić on the Kraljevo Stage, Kraljevo Theater, Kraljevo; authors: Mirjana Savić, Jasmina Dražović.

Tour of the exhibition – 2015: Gallery of the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, Belgrade.

2013 – Jazz in Kraljevo, National Museum in Kraljevo; authors: Mirjana Savić, Mihailo Blam.

2013 – Growing Up in Kraljevo in the 19th and 20th Centuries; National Museum Kraljevo; authors: Dragan Drašković, Mirjana Savić, Silvija Krejaković, Tijana Šibalić, Violeta Cvetanoska, Jasmina Dražović, Suzana Novčić, Predrag Radović.

Tour of the exhibition – 2013/2014: Museum Yugoslav History, Belgrade.

2011 – Transfiguration – 20 Years of the Žiča Spiritual Assembly, National Museum Kraljevo, authors: Ana Gvozdenović, Mirjana Savić.

Tour of the exhibition – 2011: Student Cultural Center, Belgrade; Belgrade Book Fair, Belgrade.

2009 – Gymnasium in Kraljevo 1909-2009, National Museum Kraljevo; authors; Dragan Drašković, Radomir Ristić, Vera Filipović, Silvija Krejaković, Mirjana Savić.

Scientific Conferences

2021 – Scientific conference Publications in the Development of Society and State I: Karanovac – Kraljevo in Serbian Newspapers 1835-1918, National Museum Kraljevo, Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade, Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade; Mirjana Savić: Women in the Social Modernization of Karanovac – Kraljevo from 1878 to 1912.

2020 – Научни скуп Културно-историјска баштина југа Србије – Улога и значај локалних часописа историје, археологије, историје уметности и етнологије, Институт за савремену историју, Београд; Огранак САНУ у Нишу; Народни музеј у Лесковцу. Мирјана Савић, Немања Трифуновић: Улога и значај часописа „Наша прошлост” у научној и културолошкој панорами Србије.

2019 – Међународни научни скуп Ратни злочини бугарске војске на југу Србије, Народни музеј Топлице, Прокупље, Секција историчара Музејског друштва Србије; Мирјана Савић, Немања Трифуновић: Бугарска војска у Краљеву и околини 1942–1944.

2019 – Стручни скуп из области пољопривреде, Пожаревац, Висока техничка школа струковних студија; Савез Друштва инжењера и техничара града Пожаревца; Мирјана Савић: Ђорђе Радић, први Србин који је стекао докторат из пољопривреде.

2018 – I International Conference of Librarians, Archivists and Museologists Libraries, Archives and Museums Conference (LAM), Montenegro, 2018,  National Library “Đurđe Crnojević“ Cetinje; Ana Gvozdenović, Mirjana Savić: Žiča Spiritual Assembly “Transfiguration” – A Place where Heritage is Kept Alive.

2018 – XXIII Саветовање о биотехнологији, Агрономски факултет у Чачку Универзитета у Крагујевцу; Мирјана Савић: Др Ђорђе Радић (22. април 1839, Зрењанин – 11. октобар 1922. Краљево) први Србин који је стекао докторат из пољопривреде.

2015 – Научни скуп Краљево – Ранковићево – Краљево, Центар за историју Југославије и савремену националну историју, Београд; Филозофски факултет Универзитета у Београду; Народни музеј Краљево; Народни музеј Краљево; Мирјана Савић: Установе културе у Жичком срезу 1945–1975; Коста Николић, Мирјана Савић: Револуционарна архитектура и урбана топонимија у Србији после Другог светског рата.

2012 – Стручни скуп Обреновићи у музејским и другим збиркама, Музеј рудничко-таковског краја у Горњем Милановцу; Драган Драшковић, Мирјана Савић: Обреновићи у Историјској збирци Народног музеја у Краљеву.


February 5, 2020 – Dr. Đorđe Radić, The First Serb to Obtain a Doctorate in Agriculture,Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad.

January 1, 2020 – Dr. Đorđe Radić, the First Serb to Obtain a Doctorate in Agriculture. National Assembly of Serbia, Belgrade; lecture organized on the occasion of marking the 150th anniversary of the Serbian Agricultural Society.

January 26, 2019 – Two Centuries of Vuk’s Dictionary, Society for Serbian Language and Literature, Kraljevo, manifestation Saint Sava’s Days.

October 10, 2018 – Dr. Đorđe Radić, the First Professor of the First Agricultural School in Požarevac, a lecture organized to mark the 146th anniversary of the Agricultural School with a dormitory “Sonja Marinković” Požarevac.

September 19, 2018 – Serbian-Russian Relations in Kraljevo 1918–2018 , within the series of lectures “180 Years Since the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Serbia and Russia”, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation.

January 25, 2018 – 135 Years of the Name Kraljevo, Society for Serbian Language and Literature, Kraljevo, manifestation Saint Sava’s Days.

December 12, 2017 – The Work of the Great Continues to This Day: 135 Years Since the Founding of the Agricultural and Chemical School “Dr Đorđe Radić” in Kraljevo. National Museum Kraljevo; Agricultural-Chemical School “Dr Djordje Radic” / December 15, 2017, Belgrade City Library.

May 10, 2017 – About the Family of Dr. Olivera Radojković Čolović, National Museum Kraljevo.

March 23, 2017 – Ilinka Ilić (1876–1945) – A Woman of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Council for Gender Equality of the Municipality of Kraljevo, lecture on the occasion of the founding assembly of the Association of Business Women in Kraljevo “Ilinka Ilić”.

January 21, 2017 – Pavle Petronijević: The First Karanovac Poet 1826–1848. Society for Serbian Language and Literature Kraljevo, manifestation Saint Sava’s Days.

December 8, 2016 – From Scrapbooks to Lexicons, Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, Belgrade.

November 10, 2016 – Theater Life in Kraljevo 1900–2016, National Museum Kraljevo, Kraljevo Theater; within the Festival of Theater Plays for Children “Little Joachim”.

May 4, 2016 – Museum Visiting Primary School Đura Jakšić Konarevo (Mirjana Savić and Predrag Radović).

April 28, 2016 – Museum Visiting – Primary School Branko Radičević Vitkovac.

March 24, 2016 – Museum Visiting– Primary School Vuk Karadžić Department in Beranovac.

January 26, 2016 – From Traveling Theaters to the Professional Stage, Society for Serbian Language and Literature Kraljevo, manifestation Saint Sava Days.

January 25, 2015 – Bishop Joanikije Nešković: 1804–1873. Saint Sava’s Days.



2021 – Acknowledgment from the Kraljevo Gendarmerie.

2020 – Commendation of the Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia and Acknowledgment of the Association of Beekeepers Kraljevo for the exhibition “Thank you to the Bees – History of Beekeeping in the Kraljevo Area”.

2019 – Golden Badge of the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Serbia for research work on Dr. Đorđe Radić, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Association.

2018 – Acknowledgment of the Association of Families of Victims of the 1991-1999 Wars from the territory of Kraljevo.

2016 – Acknowledgment from the Council for Gender Equality of the City of Kraljevo to Mirjana Savić for the exhibition Kraljevčanke za nezaborav and Professional Cooperation.

2014 – Charter for scientific research in the study of theatrical history of Kraljevo and Kraljevo Theater, Kraljevo Theater Kraljevo.

2013 – Acknowledgments for the cooperation of the Society for Serbian Language and Literature Kraljevo.

2013 Acknowledgment for the written monograph on the occasion of marking the 50th anniversary of the Music School “Stevan Mokranjac” Kraljevo.

Membership in Professional Associations

  • Since 2020 – Member of International Council of Museums.
  • Since 2015 – Honorary Member of the Society for Serbian Language and Literature Kraljevo.
  • Since 2003 – Member of the Serbian Museum Association and within it the Section of Historians and the Section of Librarians.


Mirjana Savić

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Mirjana Savić and Others

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