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Rade Pajović


Senior Preparator



Rade Pajović (1970). He finished secondary Mechanical Engineering School in Kraljevo (1989), after which he dealt with sculpture, as an amateur, and cooperated with the Applied Arts Atelier of Slobodan Marinković in Kraljevo. He started working at the National Museum Kraljevo as a technician at the Department of General Affairs, where he worked from 1998 to 2001, and then he transferred to the Conservation Department and earned the title Preparator (2001). After that, he completed the training in conservation of stone, ceramics and wood at the Centre for Conservation “Diana“, Belgrade (2002).

He earned the title Senior Preparator in 2016. He works on the conservation of objects made of stone, ceramics, metal and wood from the collections of the National Museum Kraljevo. He is the author of the only conservation exhibition of the National Museum Kraljevo and actively participates in the technical realisation of displays of a large number of exhibitions of the National Museum Kraljevo and guest exhibitions. In collaboration with Nenad Dimitrijević, he has dealt with the conservation of immovable cultural heritage. He has participated in a number of archaeological excavations as a conservator and technician. He has been a participant and organiser of workshops for preventive conservation of the Central Institute for Conservation (CIC).


Authored Exhibitions

2003 – From Fragment to Object, National Museum Kraljevo, author: Rade Pajović.

Associate on Exhibitions

2016 Acquisitions and Gifts, 2000–2015, Ethnological Collection of the National Museum Kraljevo, National Museum Kraljevo, author: Tijana Šibalić; conservation of materials: Nenad Dimitrijević, Rade Pajović.

2014 – Šumadija Division 1914–1918, National Museum Kraljevo, Historical Archive Kraljevo, National Museum Kragujevac; authors: Dragan Drašković, Mirolub Arsić, Miroslav Banović, Bojana Topalović; material conservation: Nenad Dimitrijević, Rade Pajović.

2014 – Helen the Great Queen, Seven Centuries Since the Death of Queen Helen 1314–2014, National Museum Kraljevo, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia – Belgrade; authors: Tatjana Mihailović, Suzana Novčić, Emilija Pejović; conservation of materials: Nenad Dimitrijević, Rade Pajović, Marijana Protić.

2013 – Growing Up in Kraljevo in the 19th and 20th Centuries; National Museum Kraljevo; authors: Dragan Drašković, Mirjana Savić, Silvija Krejaković, Tijana Šibalić, Violeta Cvetanoska, Jamina Dražović, Suzana Novčić, Predrag Radović; conservation of materials: Nenad Dimitrijević, Rade Pajović

2013 – The Story of Bread; National Museum Kraljevo; author: Violeta Cvetanoska; technical cooperation and making copies of ritual breads in plaster: Rade Pajović.

2007 – Age of Light, Serbian Art of the 13th Century, National Museum Kraljevo; authors: Suzana Novčić, Tatjana Mihailović; material conservation and technical realization: Rade Pajović.

Participation in Seminars

2019 – Workshop RE-ORG Serbia, Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade, National Museum Kraljevo; workshop participant.

2009–2016 – Series of preventive conservation workshops, Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade; National Museum Kraljevo; Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia; workshop coordinator for the National Museum Kraljevo.

Conservation of Immovable Cultural Property

2019 – Tombstones at the Jewish Cemetery in Novi Pazar.

2018 – Bronze text plates on the Monument to Serbian Warriors 1912–1918. in the center of Kraljevo.

2018 – Monument to an unknown hero in the center of Jagodina.

2017 – Monument to the liberators of Kraljevo on Ružića hill.

2017 – Monument to the fallen fighters of Preljina in Preljina.

2017 – Monument to Duke Radomir Putnik near the Court building in Kragujevac.

2016 – Monument to an unknown hero on Adža’s meadows near Kragujevac.

2014 – Memorial complex on Ljubić near Čačak: Monument to Tanasko Rajić.

2012 – Monument The Beginning of the Revolt against Dahija, Vavedenje Monastery in Trnava near Čačak.

Field Research

2016–2020 – Archaeological excavations at the Lojanik, Mataruška Banja and Crkvine sites in Konarevo near Kraljevo; manager Dr. Vera Bogosavljević Petrović, team member.

2013 – Archaeological excavation of the site of the Church in Paklenje, Pobrđe near Baljevac on the Ibar, Raška; manager Tatjana Mihailović, erection and conservation of stone monuments.

2011 – Cleaning of old probes at the locality Zajačak, Kremići on West Kopaonik, Raška; manager Tatjana Mihailović, team member.

2009 – Archaeological excavations of the site Crkvina, Obrva near Kraljevo, National Museum Kraljevo; manager Tatjana Mihailović, team member.

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