Girl with a Veil by Ksenija Divjak

Ksenija Divjak (1924–1995), a contemporary and friend of Mirjana Mihać Srbinović, is another artist who in our history of modernism has obviously been left aside and who has lived completely withdrawn and separated from the public. That attitude was also radical, because she rejected any public dignity and verification of her work: “I rejected the idea of ​​becoming a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. I also rejected the proposal to be a candidate for the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. I refused to be given a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, giving them a written explanation.” In her personal exile, she worked tirelessly and traveled. Her passion for Spain, Mediterranean heritage, culture and travel, which lasted for more than two decades, will mark her entire life and work. One of the motifs in the collection of twenty works by this artist, as many as there are in the Legacy, is “The Girl with the Veil”. He appears in five works, one of which we present. It is marked as a kind of “costumed carnival of the Romanesque climate” which abounds in multiplied figures of girls with veils, which, although half-naked, are associated with “naive sentiment and childish experience of the act”.

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