Self-portrait by Mladen Srbinović, 1951.

Mladen Srbinović started his academic career as one of the first assistants at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he retired as a full professor at the then Faculty of Fine Arts and an academician. He was a member of the Graphic Collective, the group “Independent” and one of the founders of the “December Group” (together with Miodrag B. Protić, Lazar Vozarević, Lazar Vujaklija, Stojan Ćelić and others). The Legacy of Olivera Radojković Čolović contains 34 of his works, mostly graphics (lithography, etching, copperplate, aquatint) and drawings, as well as three pastels and one oil on wood. Among them are the earliest graphics and drawings, from the student days, to which the artist’s “Self-Portrait” from 1951 belongs. The early works of the young Srbinović are especially valuable because they show the initial research of the model / object, space, volume, etc. Even then, his tendency towards reduction in form are visible, which is also marked by his mature work.

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