The National Museum Kraljevo is a territorial museum of complex type, which, through its continuing and team work, in a professional and ethical manner, collects, keeps, investigates, evaluates, interprets and promotes the heritage of Kraljevo and its wider surroundings. With its tradition lasting for more than 70 years, the museum is a home to the heritage that makes the foundation of knowledge, truth and wisdom, and thus contributes to the development of our community and society. As a mirror of our identity, it communicates with both national and universal heritage and represents a reliable corrective to social values.



The National Museum Kraljevo, as an expert centre, tends to provide an incentive and be a source of future creative ideas by cherishing heritage and recognizing current cultural creative work. Being open to innovations and experiment, inclusive and close to all generations, the National Museum Kraljevo forms a healthy platform for work of its employees, associates and volunteers for the purpose of promoting heritage. The National Museum Kraljevo tends to be a model for the development of museum activity in central Serbia, connected with the local community through a lively and constant exchange of experiences, knowledge and enjoyment.

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