Dear colleagues,

the deadline for submitting papers for the new issue of the journal “Our Past” 20 is the beginning of June 2021.

The journal publishes discussions, studies, reviews, and critiques with topics related to research in the field of archeology, history, numismatics, art history, ethnology, geology, and biology in the wider area of Kraljevo, Raška and Vrnjačka Banja and the areas that gravitate towards them, as well as wider national themes, which are refracted in this area. The journal also focuses on museology, heritology, archiving, protection of cultural monuments and natural heritage, as well as multidisciplinary research in these areas.

We invite colleagues who deal with the mentioned scientific disciplines, to contribute to the realization of issue number 20 with their participation. Instructions for authors are attached and papers can be sent in Serbian (Cyrillic) and English. All papers will be reviewed with two reviews.

You can send your applications and works to the address of the editor Tatjana Mihailović (; mob. 065 8 200 147; National Museum, Trg Svetog Save 2, 36000 Kraljevo).

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