Pickaxe, older Neolithic, Okruglica in Vitanovac near Kraljevo

A massive stone tool, 35 cm long, intended to perform both axes and picks, is made of greenish volcanic rock. With the technique of ironing to the level of polishing, the object was brought to an extremely fine, balanced and almost stunning shape. It testifies both to the high technological knowledge in the processing of well-chosen material, and to the need to add, and emphasize, aesthetic values ​​to a usable object, which are not necessarily related to its function. The effort invested to reach this elegant form testifies to the deep roots of applied art, refined taste and excellent mastery in the application of geometric shapes on a piece of stone. The object was accidentally found during plowing on the Okruglica stretch, on the border of the villages of Vitanovac and Čukojevac in 1966, when it was donated to the National Museum Kraljevo. Archaeological excavations of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo, conducted in 1973, confirmed the existence of a Neolithic settlement at this location of the same chronology, as well as the context to which the object belongs.

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