Zoomorphic figurine, older Neolithic, Starčevo culture, Crkvine in Konarevo near Kraljevo

A small ceramic figurine in the shape of a bull (10 mm x 18 mm x 11 mm) was found during the archeological excavations of the National Museum in Kraljevo in 1998, at the Crkvine site in Konarevo. It is made of light red clay with sand admixtures. The head is preserved in its entirety, with two horns, as well as the beginnings of the front legs, the hind left leg, while the tail is emphasized at the root. The rest of the case has been reconstructed. The figurine testifies to the clumsy beginnings of work in clay in the older Neolithic, to which the discovery of ceramics is connected. The beginner’s steps in mastering the form in the new material, which is still not known enough, are in stark contrast to the high processing of stone, which this society inherited centuries ago.

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