Naked Neighbor by Momčilo Antonović, 1966.

The painting “Naked Neighbor” is one of the early works of this distinguished painter. It was made in the neo-expressionist style, with a figural theme. It belongs to the entire opus called “Neighbors”, when the young Antonović explores both the thematic and artistic language of painting. Although he was born in Kruševac, Antonović was connected to Kraljevo all his life, where he came with his family at a very young age. Already in 1957, he became an illustrator for “Ibarske Novosti”. He organized his first solo exhibition “Roofs of Kraljevo”, as a high school student, in this city in 1958. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade (later the Faculty of Fine Arts), in the class of Professor Nedeljko Gvozdenović, where he began working in 1973, passing all university titles to full professor of Painting and Drawing. He was twice dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts: 1988–1992. and 1998–2000. He equipped a large number of books from the publishing houses “Nolit”, “Prosveta”, “Borba”, “Mlado pokolenje”, “Školska knjiga”. He worked as an illustrator in “Politika”, “Borba” and other newspapers. His works are in many public and private collections in the country and abroad. He died in Belgrade in 2019.

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