Portrait of a Man by Uroš Predić, 1935.

Uroš Predić is, next to Paja Jovanović the most important Serbian representative of academic realism. He was educated in Vienna and spent his life between Vienna, Belgrade and his native Orlovat. In his oeuvre, he mostly nurtured portraits, genres with national motifs and performances of historical themes, but he also dealt with iconography and painting of iconostasis, which is why he is considered the last important Serbian icon painter. He painted portraits of famous people, rich merchants, but also of the ordinary world. In an attempt to achieve the most convincing resemblance to the character of the client and insisting on recognizability, Predić became a chronicler of the civil society of his time. In 1885, in Pančevo, he started painting portraits to order, sometimes with the help of photographs. He usually made representative portraits, heads or busts, realistically presenting characters from different social status.

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