What’s New in the Attic and What’s Left Behind the Dream by Dragan Milosavljević, 1986.

Dragan Milosavljević (Kraljevo, 1953–2006), an early deceased graphic artist from Kraljevo, worked on our art scene for two decades and his work is mostly related to the graphics of the Belgrade Circle. On the map of Milosavljević’s work and life filled with unrest and constant changes, toponyms stand out – his native Kraljevo, Belgrade where he matured artistically and established himself professionally, and Luxembourg, where he created in the last decade of the century, trying to calm his own tension and overcome lifestyle of the new environment. Dragan Milosavljević is an artist, who belonged to the generation of painters / graphic artists, who worked and created with signs. He dealt with signs, not only visual and symbolic, but also signs of lost time, as well as the thin and relative border of the living and the inanimate, the past and the present.

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