Dozidnica – cook, mid-1950s, Pepeljevac, Kruševac

The cook, as a type of dozidnica, is a part of the textile household that hangs on the wall, above the stove. In the middle is an embroidered scene from the kitchen: A mother-housewife teaches her daughter, a little housewife, to serve a cooked meal. The mother stands above the brick stove, on which are a shallow saucepan and a pot, and mixes the food, while the daughter carries the soup on a tray in a bowl that is smoked and lowered to a smaller table. The mother wears a large apron with flowers and has a neat hairstyle, and the daughter also wears an apron, with a bow and has a similar hairstyle, as if imitating her mother. Above them on the wall are two shelves with kitchen items. To the left and right are two vines with flowers that frame the composition. An instructive text was written: “A dish should be created in such a way that no one can object.” The cook is embroidered with multicolored threads, black, red, purple and green, according to the tricked motif. Letter embroidery, stuffed embroidery and knitting technique are represented. She was part of the girl’s preparation of Mladen Obradović from the village of Pepeljevac near Kruševac.

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