Džube, late 19th century, Prizren, Kosovo and Metohija

Džube is a women’s outerwear without sleeves, cut bell-shaped and open the entire length. The golden džube is sewn from brown choja, with a striped satin lining. All the edges, seams and one part of the back are decorated in the same way: the fields formed by rows of silver braids between which are gold threads, are replaced by rows of gold-woven ribbons with plant ornaments. The rest of the space is richly ornamented with stylized floral motifs, among which rosettes with eight and four petals, a palm leaf and vines stand out, but the sun motif also appears. The ornaments are made plastic with gilded threads twisted with yellow silk thread, as well as very twisted threads of the same material. This technique, which imitates the golden wire itself and the aesthetics based on the choice of gold, as the only principle of the overall decoration, makes the object leave the impression of gold and shine.

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