Libade of Ilinka Ilić, beginning of the 20th century, Kraljevo

Libade of Ilinka Ilić are made of black satin and set with drape rips. It is decorated around all edges and slits with a discreet embroidery with motifs of “chains” and stylized vines. The embroidery is made of gold threads twisted with silk thread. The sleeves are long and very wide up to 41 cm in the lower part. Ilinka Ilić, the wife of the well-known Kraljevo merchant Avram Ilić, was for many years the president of the Women’s Association Branch in Kraljevo, an active member of the “Princess Ljubica” Association and many other women’s and humanitarian associations and organizations. Numerous photos of the Ilić family show that Ilinka remained consistent with the traditional way of dressing. She is always dressed in Serbian civilian costume, which consists of a black satin libade, a white scarf with fringes folded over the chest and a long dark or light skirt.

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