Ring, 18th to 19th century, Kraljevo

“Table” rings, bulky in size, got their name because they were worn only during the ceremony, at the table, because due to its size it could not be an everyday decoration. It experienced a rise in the 16th century and became a part of urban culture in the 17th century, while during the 18th century, in cast and simpler forms, it passed into rural culture, where it remained during the 19th century. It was widespread throughout the Balkans. Its lavish shape and decorativeness in the late period testifies to the fact that it was used as a wedding ring for both men and women. Our specimen is made of silver and has a wide link decorated with a braid ornament, while the neck is accentuated with two rosettes. The cylindrical head of the ring (2.7 cm in diameter), whose surface is decorated with filigree wire, has a pile in the middle with a granule on top.

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