Anointing of His Majesty King Peter I, Procession around the Žica Monastery, October 19, 1904.

The third of the three preserved postcards related to the anointing of King Peter I Karađorđević in Žiča, records a walk of King Peter around the Žiča Monastery, after the anointing. Peter I, with all the royal insignia, accompanied by two officers, who hold the ends of his cloak, walks around the church, where the people greet him in a line, while a part of the escort can be seen behind him. After that, the king returned to Kraljevo, where a festive lunch was prepared. In his speech, King Peter pointed out that he would be responsible for his actions before the court of history, but also before the court of God. He considers it his duty to preserve and respect the great folk traditions. He emphasized that he was happy to be anointed in Žiča, “where so many glorious rulers of ours received the blessing of the church”, but he said that he was just as happy because “this act was performed in the circle of My dear citizens of Kraljevo”.

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