Invitation for the anointing of King Aleksandar I Obrenović in the Žiča Monastery, 1989.

When King Milan resigned from power on February 22, 1889, he ceded the throne to his thirteen-year-old son Alexander, appointing deputies until he came of age. In the same year, the great jubilee of five hundred years since the Battle of Kosovo was marked, and in order to strengthen the reputation of the young king and new politicians at the head of the state, it was decided to organize anointing of the young king in Žiča Monastery as part of the coronation ceremony. The solemn act of anointing of Alexander Obrenović was organized on June 20/ July 2. On that occasion, Kraljevo was ceremoniously decorated, many people welcomed the king, and his entry into the city on June 18 was accompanied by cannon fire. During the next day, there were over 20,000 guests in Kraljevo, and the king received numerous deputations that came on this occasion by noon. The Russian ambassador Persianius attracted the most attention, as a special envoy of the Russian Tsar Alexander III. The envoy was greeted with church bells, cannon plutons and a ceremonial guard. In the evening, a vigil was held in the Žiča Monastery. On June 20, King Alexander was anointed by Metropolitan Mihailo in the presence of the Russian ambassador, royal deputies, ministers of the Serbian government and the king’s retinue. The Žiča Monastery could only be entered by invitation, and there was an endless mass of people around the Monastery. 101 cannon salvos were fired in gratitude. A multi-day folk party was organized, and the invitation for this event was printed on colored cardboard (12.4 cm x 16.8 cm).

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