Master’s letter issued to Milutin Anđelković for the butcher’s trade, 1928, Kraljevo

The Guild Administration for the City of Kraljevo and the County of Žiča issued a master’s letter to Milutin Anđelković for the butcher’s craft, as proof that he was “recognized as a master in the butcher’s craft” and that he was thus “qualified to practice the butcher’s shop independently”. The master’s letter was issued on February 19, 1928 and has a tax stamp of 20 dinars affixed. The central field is oval and bordered with bay leaves. On one side is the personification of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, which holds a document in one hand, and a laurel wreath in the other, and a blacksmith with symbols of many crafts around him, on the ground. There are 6 medallions in the frame: the central one at the top, where the state coat of arms is, and the central one at the bottom, where there is a place for printing, while in the corners there are medallions with representations of shoemaking, carpentry, shoemaking and tailoring. Between the medallions below and above, the symbols of another 16 crafts are divided into groups of four.

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