Warning, Poster Order of the German Commanding Artillery General in Serbia, Paul Bader, October 6, 1941.

The uprising in Kraljevo against the occupation authorities erupted in August and September 1941 with the joint action of a detachment of two anti-fascist movements – the partisan and the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland. In order to stifle it, the Wehrmacht Supreme Command turned the punitive measures into “revenge that should affect the entire population of Serbia.” The orders of Wilhelm Liszt, the military commander of the Southeast, and the commander-in-chief in Serbia, Franz Beme, contained an elaborate plan for the implementation of “reckless and urgent measures”. In accordance with the German authorities in charge of Kraljevo, on October 6, 1941, they issued a poster named as a Warning! (Warnung!) To the Serbian people, who’s original is kept in the Historical Collection. It was published in German and Serbian and warns the population that any cooperation with the rebels will be mercilessly punished exclusively by death.

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