Jewelry box-čekmeže, filigree product, late 19th century

Silver jewelry box, so called čekmeže, is an extremely fine and precise filigree work that comes from the best workshops. It is decorated with vegetable motifs, among which lilies and rosettes stand out. The lock of the box is surrounded by a heart motif. The lid is semi-arched and on top of it there are three peacocks, two smaller ones and on top of the box a central, large one, which carries a padlock in its beak. Peacocks are, in this case, the keepers of the drawer and its contents. According to popular belief, colorful and beautiful peacock feathers attract the eye, and turn it away from the face or object on which this bird is depicted. The object was donated to the National Museum Kraljevo by Draginja and Avram Krstić, from a well-known trade family from Kraljevo.

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