Medal Battleship “Radetzky”, 1916, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

On the obverse in a laurel wreath the figure of Emperor Francis Joseph I (1830–1916) is depicted, in profile, on the right. In the middle of the wreath, left and right, are the insignia of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Along the edge of the wreath in the upper half of 1914 – WELTKRIEG – 1916, in the lower half is ∙ S ∙ M ∙ S ∙ “RADETZKY”. Below the wreath, at the bottom, is the signature: R. PLACHT. Everything is in a “pearl” circle. On the reverse is a depiction of the battleship “Radetzky”, which sails to the left, on the turbulent sea, and in the background are the mountains. It’s all in a circle made up of pairs of stylized dolphins. Below the ship, right, signature: J. PRINZ.

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