Medal – on the occasion of the marriage of Archduke Joseph of Austria and Princess Isabella of Parma, 1760, Austria

On the obverse are the busts of Archduke Joseph and Princess Isabella of Parma in profile, to the right. The text flows in a semicircle: IOSEPH.A.A.ELISAB.BOVRB.PHILIP.HISP.INF.FILLA. At the bottom left is the signature: A.WIDEMA. On the reverse is a representation of the winged Genius, who stands turned to the left and offers a sacrifice on the arena: in his right raised hand he holds two laurel wreaths, and in his left a torch which he placed on the altar. At the top is a semicircular text: FELIX CONNVBIVM. In the section below the altar is the text in two lines: CELEBRAT.VINDOB. / YOU. OCT. MDCCLX.

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