Two perpers of Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš (1860-1910), 1910, Principality of Montenegro

On the obverse is the head of the ruler Nikola I Petrović in profile, on the right. Below is a laurel branch and the engraver’s initials: SS. Around is the text: НИКОЛА I Б.М. КРАЉ И ГОСПОДАР ЦРНЕ ГОРЕ. On the reverse, in the middle is the state coat of arms, above, in a semicircle the text: КРАЉЕВИНА ЦРНА ГОРА, below the denominations and year of minting: 2 / PERPER, within, between two branches, oak and laurel / 1910. Everything is in a “pearl” circle. On the rim the text: *** БОГ * ЧУВА * ЦРНУ * ГОРУ.

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