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World of Numismatics

June 22 at 19:00 - July 16 at 13:00

At the exhibition “World of Numismatics” by Slađana Spasić, senior curator of the National Museum Kraljevo, the audience will have the opportunity to see over 1,200 examples of metal and paper money from the Numismatic Collection of the National Museum Kraljevo, spanning a wide range of time. The exhibited exhibits form a section through this collection, starting with ancient coins, which include Greek, Celtic, coins of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, through the coins of several medieval countries, i.e. Byzantine, Serbian, Hungarian, Ottoman medieval coins, coins of the Republic of Venice and Dubrovnik, to the European coins from the 14th to the 18th century. A special part is the money of our new century states: the money of the Principality and Kingdom of Serbia, Principality and Kingdom of Montenegro; Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918–1941), Serbia under occupation (1941–1944) and Yugoslavia (DFY, FPRY and SFRY). The exhibition also includes money from European, Asian, African, North American and South American countries from the 19th to the end of the 20th century.

In a chronological sense, the exhibited numismatic material covers the period from the 5th century BC. e. until the beginning of the seventies of the last century, and with accompanying, chronologically younger, illustrative type numismatic material, until the beginning of the XXI century. The exhibits were partly acquired through purchases and gifts, as in the case of finds of Greek, Roman, medieval and modern coins, while a significant part arrived in the Numismatic Collection through archaeological excavations carried out by the National Museum Kraljevo, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo and the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia – Belgrade.

At the exhibition, the audience will be able to see the works of recognized artists from the Art Collection of the National Museum Kraljevo, such as Vanđel Baduli, Vladislav Maržik, Nikola Graovac, Ljubomir Ivanović, Živorad Nastasijević, as well as selected copies of frescoes from medieval monasteries and churches from the Collection of Copies of the National Museum Kraljevo, such as frescoes from the Monastery of Saint Nicholas in Psača, Lesnovo Monastery and Kalenić Monastery, etc.


June 22 at 19:00
July 16 at 13:00


National Museum Kraljevo
Trg Svetog Save 2
Kraljevo, 36000 Србија
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Slađana Spasić

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