Today we mark 139 years of the name of the city of Kraljevo. After gaining independence at the Berlin Congress in 1878, Prince Milan Obrenović elevated Serbia to the rank of the Kingdom and became the first modern king on February 22nd according to the old calendar, and on March 6th according to the new calendar in 1882. Immediately after being proclaimed king, Milan Obrenović will begin his journey through Serbia. The king arrived in Karanovac on April 15th / 27th, 1882, where he was given a ceremonial welcome and an apartment in the district house (today’s building of the High Court). During the visit, the residents of Karanovac, led by the municipal authorities, led by the merchant Jovan Novaković, sent a request to the king to change the former name of the town. King Milan granted the request of the people of Karanovac, and by a decree of April 19th / May 1st, 1882, approved the change of the name of the town from Karanovac to Kraljevo.

Darko Gučanin
historian, archivist
Director of the National Museum Kraljevo

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