The year that is behind us, although marked by a new phase of the pandemic, still did not limit the work of the National Museum Kraljevo, as a public institution turned to the public.

During 2021, visitors had the opportunity to see several exhibitions in the Gallery of the National Museum Kraljevo. At the very beginning of the year, we prepared a retrospective of the painter Slobodanka Danka Pribaković Kostić, our colleague, who worked as a conservator for 40 years. The exhibition was organized immediately after her death in 2020. Spring started with bright topics through the exhibition “Let’s Play! Toys and Social Games in Socialist Yugoslavia from the Collection of Vladimir Radojičić and from the Collection of the National Museum Kraljevo” and brought us back to some much happier times. Numerous visitors were of different ages, from those for whom these toys were part of growing up, to the new young audience who had the opportunity to directly experience the games of their parents. In the field of contemporary art production, we highlight the exhibition “Recognition”, an international art project that brings together artists and curators from Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria, whose holder is the National Museum Kruševac, and our institution a permanent member for almost twenty years.

Among the guest exhibitions, we single out “Our Fellow Citizen Queen Draga – Between Glory and Anathema” of the Museum of the Rudnik-Takovo Region, which attracted great attention, considering that the life of this Serbian queen is partly related to Kraljevo. The second is certainly the exhibition “Milena Pavlović Barilli – Life and Dreams”, which was recently opened in our space organized by the Gallery Milena Pavlović Barilli in Požarevac, as the first retrospective exhibition of this important artist in Kraljevo.

Publishing is always in our focus. In November this year, we promoted issue 19 of the magazine “Our Past”, published by the National Museum Kraljevo and the Historical Archive Kraljevo, and continued to work on issue 20. A special publishing endeavor is Slavoljub Maržik’s book “Kraljevo in the Serbian Press 1909-1918”, as the fourth volume by the same author, who patiently collected newspaper articles about Karanovac and Kraljevo from 1835-1918. years. The end of this process was the reason for organizing the scientific conference “Publications in the Development of Society and State I: Karanovac – Kraljevo in Serbian Newspapers 1835-1918”. The organizers of the conference are, in addition to the National Museum Kraljevo, the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade, the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, under the auspices of the City of Kraljevo. The scientific conference gathered historians and other colleagues from France, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Serbia.

The collections of the National Museum Kraljevo have been increased through purchases and gifts, and great attention has been paid to the modernization and equipment of the storage space. Field research in the field of history, archeology and ethnology has also been intensified.

The previous year of frequent closures due to the pandemic, we used to create wthe new web site of the National Museum Kraljevo, which is currently our largest online publication with over 200 items from all six collections kept by the Museum. We were also active on social networks, where in addition to the activities carried out by the museum, you can also find numerous stories from the past of this area.

Visit us in our building, on Square of Saint Sava 2, as well as on our website and social networks. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Darko Gučanin
historian, archivist
Director of the National Museum Kraljevo

Report about the activities of the National Museum Kraljevo in 2021 with the director Darko Gučanin

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