Over the past decade, Slavoljub Maržik has collected and in all four books (Karanovac / Kraljevo in the Serbian Press, books 1-4) united in one place all articles, news and remarks about Karanovac / Kraljevo published in the press published in the Principality / Kingdom of Serbia. The contribution of this endeavor in illuminating the past of Karanovac / Kraljevo in the period from 1835-1918 is exceptional and immeasurable, and the collected historiographical material is of great importance and represents a good starting point for further research. Therefore, the National Museum Kraljevo, as the publisher of Maržik’s books, in cooperation with the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade, the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade and under the auspices of the City of Kraljevo organized a scientific conference with international participation entitled “Publications in the Development of Society and State I: Karanovac – Kraljevo in Serbian Newspapers 1835-1918.”

The two-day conference is being held as part of the manifestation Žiča Spiritual Assembly “Transfiguration 2021” where 24 authors from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and others will present their papers. The ceremonial opening of the conference in the Gallery of the National Museum Kraljevo will be held on August 17th, 2021, at 10 a.m., when the audience will be addressed by Academician Ljubomir Dimić, president of the Scientific Committee, Živojin Đurić, PhD, director of the Institute for Political Studies, Darko Gučanin, director of the National Museum Kraljevo and Predrag Terzić, PhD, Mayor of Kraljevo.

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